Child-proof Your Yard In 7 Easy Ways

Child-proof Your Yard In 7 Easy Ways

After a long day at work, spending time in your yard can lift your mood and help you relax. In the same way, running around the lawn and playing in it can destress your children, too, along with allowing them to have some fun. However, outdoor safety hazards make it dangerous for children to wander and explore the yard independently, but you do not need to worry. We have compiled a set of guidelines from experts only for you! It will help you make your lawn as kid-friendly as possible and will educate you to eliminate all potential risks to your child’s safety effectively. 

❇️ Ways to Child-proof Your Yard

Let’s explore the seven golden tips for child-proofing your yard.

Deep Cleaning

Instead of diving right into yard cleaning, you should take a walk around it to take note of all that requires attention. Be thorough about this since slacking off is not an option when the idea is to ensure your child’s safety. Once you have a rough draft planted in your head, you can begin with the cleaning. All gardens have leaves, debris, and fallen branches scattered around. It is natural but unsafe. In addition, garden junk may contain thorns or sharp-edged sticks that could hurt your child.

yard cleaning

Similarly, the scattered debris may hinder play time, as the children must be mindful not to trip or step into it. Finally, ensuring the grass is of the appropriate size is essential. If it is overgrown, it will most definitely be home to many more small animals and insects. And that is undesirable when there are children around. These monstrous grasses can hide many bugs, and some could have poisonous bites too. In some instances, children can also have allergic reactions to insect bites! 

Naturally, as a conscious and careful parent, you will not want your child’s fun time to be endangered as such. Ergo, rid your lawn of fallen branches, twigs, debris, leaves, etc.; that’s the first step to child-proof your yard.

Lawn Maintenance 

Ungroomed lawns neither fit into the aesthetic criteria nor do they pass safety guidelines. Overgrown bushes, trees, and shrubs give your yard an unkempt, undesired outlook. Along with it, if there are any bare patches in your garden, they also harm the curb appeal. Besides the scenic beauty, overgrown bushes and bald spots in your yard can jeopardize your child’s playtime too! One of the ways grass proves to be useful is that it cushions the fall. Playing, slipping, and falling is yet another aspect, even though it can sometimes lead to injuries. 

Lawn maintenance

However, your child is less likely to get hurt in a grassy field if they trip. Overgrown bushes and shrubs can come in between the walkways or take over valuable space, especially if you have a small lawn. Let’s say the area in your in-house garden is already limited. Most of it is taken over by gigantic trees and bushes; it will leave your child no space to play freely! That is why you must regularly check and give the trees and bushes a trim whenever you feel it is necessary. Though, you will want to be careful while pruning your lawn because it is an act that demands a lot of tact and skills. It is best to reach out to a certified servicer or check out expert guidelines about yard maintenance. 

Pest Control

A beautiful garden consists of lively trees, healthy bushes, and well-kempt grass. However, all these aspects attract pests too. Lawns usually encounter three pests: weeds, insects, and diseases. If you have a backyard, you will know how opportunistic weeds are. They can grow anywhere and everywhere in your garden where they find room. As for insects, they can infest your garden out of thin air, with the sole purpose of munching down scrumptious leaves they come across. The most common culprits are Caterpillars, Japanese beetles, Aphids, etc. An infestation of these insects can reduce your exquisite lawn to a shabby yard sporting multiple holes in the plants, discolored and fallen leaves, and even the death of small plants! In short, pest infestation makes it unsafe and unappealing for your child to play in the garden. You cannot stop insects from finding a home in your yard, but you can take preventative measures. You may use pesticides; however, they kill off the good bug population. Good bugs are the ones that prey on insects that are harmful to your lawn. For example, Ladybugs and Spiders prey on aphids, while ground beetles and Tachinid Flies on Caterpillars and Japanese Beetles, respectively. So, you may opt for organic ways for pest control instead. Since it is a subject that demands thorough research on each type of pest and the ways to eliminate them, it is better if you reach out to professional landscapers and gardeners.

Tree Cabling 

Treehouses have always fascinated children and teens alike. It provides a getaway place where they can relax and connect with nature. Even the most basic activities become fun if they are done in a treehouse! Though, if you have one in your yard, you will be aware of how much maintenance it demands because you absolutely cannot have your treehouse to be wobbly as it is unsafe. Sometimes, trees holding the treehouse, or even general, regular trees, can require extra support to stand firm. Trees can sometimes sport weak branches, which are more prone to growing awkwardly, bending, and, ultimately, breaking. And such incidents can cause injuries too, which is why you must cater to the needs of the weaker branches to avoid them falling off. Tree cabling is a simple method to counter the issue mentioned above. It helps to guide the tree growth using super-strength cables and holds all the limbs in place using bolts. It will make your garden safer for your children, ensuring that no branch falls abruptly. 

tree cabling

Moreover, tree cabling can help protect the trees on your lawn from heavy winds and snow. In Canadian winters, cabling the trees aids them to withstand the winter and stand tall throughout. However, since tree cabling is a task that requires the appropriate tools and the right skills, it can be dangerous for an amateur to perform it. 

Minimal Patio Designs

Backyard patios with heavy, metal furniture can be dangerous for your children if they play around that area. That is why it is recommended not to let them go there unsupervised. However, if it is unavoidable, it is time you make some alterations to the patio design. Going by the ideology of “less is more,” you should adorn your backyard patios with minimal furniture. Going overboard with fancy glass tables and exquisite decorative pieces should be strictly avoided. Instead, you can research kid-appropriate ideas or your patio design. For example, you may make use of cushioned chairs and round-edged tables. It will give a cozy, homely aesthetic vibe and ensure that your toddler can play around without harm. Revamping your entire deck instead of baby-proofing it is an option too. Finally, you can reconstruct your patio to reflect children’s safety. For example, the deck placement can be opposite from where your toddler child usually plays. Or you may install a baby door to keep your child out of the patio. A lot of thought has to go into creating suitable deck designs, especially if you do it without guidance. Your local landscapers will be able to help you figure out appropriate deck placements and plan due to their experience and skills. 

Proper Drainage

As much as children like to jump in muddy puddles, they are not particularly good for your lawn; if they result from waterlogging. By definition, waterlogging occurs when the soil does not absorb water, so it is pooled on top of the ground. If you spot swampy patches in your lawn, chances are that it is an indication of the beginning of waterlogging. The stagnant water in a waterlogged lawn can cause your plants to die, and they may give rise to diseases too. Ultimately, it makes your yard unsuitable for children to spend time and play in. A quick fix to eliminate the problem mentioned earlier is to utilize the water and plant more plants. However, to do it, you will want to search for plant species that can survive in waterlogged conditions. 

Moreover, you should work on improving the overall drainage of the lawn if you want to eliminate waterlogging in the long term. To do it, you may install a subsurface drainage system to help remove the excess water seeped into the soil. Alternatively, you may use the French Drain System to prevent or eliminate water damage to your property. Sometimes, opting for Lawn Aeration is an appropriate strategy as well. It will help improve the airflow in the soil and allow the water to seep through the grassroots. Essentially, all these ways will aid in ensuring better drainage in your lawn, which will lessen or eliminate the hazards to children playing out in your garden.

Hire Experts

Parenting is most demanding in the early years of your child. They are constantly growing and learning, while you have to keep up and keep track of their progress. It is exhausting. Add the stress of baby-proofing your yard; it will be barely manageable. Mainly, it will demand time and research, which you will not have in plenty. Since a child’s safety is hardly something to compromise, it is best to reach out to professional landscapers or gardeners to help you. They will have significantly more knowledge on the subject than you could get even after hours of researching. Certified companies have trained staff under their wing with all the skills required to child-proof your yard and experience. These brilliant specialists will be familiar with the equipment and ways to use them: it will ensure maximum safety of the other workers and you.

hire experts - child-proof your yard

Moreover, they will be aware of the appropriate and suitable ways to prevent pests and insect infestation and prune your yard appropriately. Therefore, hiring a reliable and licensed landscaping company is vital. They will be well-acquainted with different drainage methods and will assist you in finding out the one that suits your yard the best. Naturally, their work will be reflective of the experience they have had. So you will not have to worry about unreliable services. 

❇️ How MPR Landscapes Can Help You Childproof Your Lawn

MPR Landscapes is a family-owned business in Mississauga that values complete dedication, integrity, and efficiency. We offer stellar services for both residential and commercial gardens. Our service set includes, but is not limited to, seasonal cleanups, snow removal, and in-depth lawn cleansing. Masonry, tree cabling, designing landscapes, irrigation, and drainage systems – it is all right up our alley! We prioritize our customers first and give credit to their vision. All our services are executed after fully considering our client’s preferences, concepts, and requirements. We ensure to fully and successfully breathe life into our customers’ ideas. 

At MPR Landscapes, we only deliver the most thorough and impeccable services, using the highest quality materials and tools. We believe in candid communication with respect and gratitude. With careful consideration, we have assembled a team of efficient estimators, passionate horticulturists, and a reliable maintenance crew. Our employees work to ensure high ethical and professional standards. Furthermore, we give free of cost estimates to our customers too. So, if you want reliable landscapers to help you childproof your lawn, MPR Landscapes is here to cater to your needs. Reach out to us today!

❇️ Conclusion

Children, by nature, are curious and want to explore new places. If you have a yard, your toddler will be the most fascinated by it. However, it can be unsafe for your child to go to a garden that is not catered to their needs. That is why child-proofing your lawn is of grave importance. Save yourself the time and hassle, and contact MPR Landscapes to help you!

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