Q. How does aeration help my lawn?

A. Aeration makes inroads into the soil to help air and water pass through to the roots of the grass. This process strengthens root development, enables more robust plants, and enhances thickness of the lawn.

Q. How can we improve the thickness of the grass under the trees in my garden?

A. Outdone by the contending tree roots, the grass under a tree is left with an insufficient supply of water and nutrients. It also does not get adequate sunlight under the shade of a tree. We can help this by planting shade resistant grass and regularly pruning trees.

Q. Does the presence of moles indicate that my lawn has grubs?

A. Not necessarily. Moles feed on earthworms and can survive without grubs. Moles will feed on grubs only if they are available.

Q. What are grubs?

A. Grubs represent the larvae stage in the life of a beetle. They can damage your lawn as they feed on the roots of your grass, causing it to die.

Q. Is grub control needed?

A. Yes, on a yearly basis. We can apply a preventive grub control to save your lawn from the damage these pests trigger.

Q. Are the lawn applications safe?

A. The materials used in lawn are already diluted to ensure low toxicity. They are used in full accordance with the labeled instructions.

Q. Is it safe to use the lawn after an application?

A. When granular fertilizer is used, you can go on the lawn right after the application. If liquid material is employed, then let the material to dry on the grass before using the lawn. Drying time, of course, depends on the weather conditions.

Q. When can I mow following a treatment?

A. When a granular material is used, you can mow immediately after. However, wait a minimum 24 hours after a liquid treatment.

Q. Can I water the lawn following a treatment?

A. It is advised not to water immediately after the use of liquid weed control, crabgrass control, or insect control because the material will then be absorbed by the grass. However, it is fine to water the lawn after a granular treatment. In fact, watering within a couple of days of the treatment will increase the efficacy of the product.

Q. What is a good time and frequency to water a lawn?

A. Except cool or very hot weather conditions, lawns should be watered three days a week for fifteen minutes each time. Early morning is the best time to water the lawn. Do not water at night as it is not healthy for your lawn.

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