A perfectly manicured lawn is a delightful sight. However, the laborious ritual of manually mowing your grass at least once a week is a strain, and not the best use of your energy and time.

MPR Landscapes helps homeowners, business owners, property managers, and others in maintaining their lawn in top shape during the mowing season without them having to raise a finger. Our professional-grade mowing equipment can transform your lawn in under an hour with greater precision and beauty.


Benefits of Proper Lawn Mowing:

✅ When lawns are mowed at regular frequency, it enables them to stay healthy and defy insect incursions and grass diseases. In the absence of proper mowing, the grass is enfeebled and becomes prone to grubs and diseases.

✅ Regular lawn mowing also helps the lawn fend off weed growth. Weeds flourish much faster than grass, consuming the nutrients in the soil and leaving the grass with little or nothing to absorb. A stronger lawn has much greater ability to keep weeds away.

✅ In order to be at its toughest a lawn has to be mowed properly at the correct height.

✅ A regular visit from lawnmowers diminishes prospects for unwanted pests and clears debris that may otherwise compress the grass.

✅ Evenly cut grass means each blade has equal opportunity to access sunlight, water, and nutrients.

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