We are entirely customer-centered and blend creativity and technical skills to help you realize the outdoor space you have been dreaming to create. We privilege good communication, careful planning, and long terms attention. So, when you call on MPR Landscapes for your landscape project, we will not rush in with seedlings and watering cans.

We will first listen to your ideas and to what you have in mind to enliven your imagination. Only when we fully understand your vision do we start to apply our design and technical knowhow to plan your outdoor space together with you. We believe in the long-term and will explain to you what you need to do to keep your new landscape healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Here is briefly how a relationship evolves:


Whether you have a commercial property with a huge project or a small residential landscaping, our professional team will work with you to first produce a unique design tailored to match your personal preferences. They will fuse the best aspects of your property and garden to create an appealing outdoor area that accompanies your architecture, surroundings, and intent.

While the design is uniquely yours, a landscaping project usually includes four components:

🌲 Lawns

🌲 Trees, shrubs, plants, and flower beds

🌲 Socializing areas like patios and decks, as well as lighting and seating

🌲 Walkways, retaining walls, and other complementary structures


Once we know what to build, our focus turns to perfectly implementing the details of a project. Skilled technicians kick into action to translate your idea into action leading to its creation. Every detail from the first shovel to the last layer of mulch is approached with earnest attention.

Equally important for us is to keep you apprised throughout the process and to complete and deliver your project on the agreed time.


Once our experts have installed your trees, gorgeous blooms, and turf as you chose, you would want them to keep looking beautiful and healthy. Our professionals will make sure that your property continues to look at its most glowing.

We will make a maintenance program that is best fitted to your landscape’s particular needs. Generally, our maintenance program will include the following aspects:

🌲 Lawn care and grass welfare: Our team will maintain your turf at its most luxurious with regular mowing, appropriate fertilizing, weed control, aeration, and overseeding.

🌲 Trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers: We will manage everything from initial planting to regular maintenance for you to enjoy your property to its full potential.

🌲 Insect control: Our team knows how to keep pests and diseases at bay to keep your yard protected and healthy for you and your family.

🌲 Aeration: We will make sure that your landscape gets enough water and nutrients in every season.

MPR Landscapes is a growing company with fresh ideas and abundant enthusiasm. Our commitment means that from the project discussion through to the technicians and horticulturists on site, each person involved with your landscape wants to deliver the best possible results and the top standard of workmanship. We always put our customer first and have a growing reputation for first class landscape designs, implementation, and maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

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