Transform Your Landscape with Professional Sodding Services

At MPR Landscapes, we understand that a beautiful and vibrant lawn can completely transform the look and feel of your outdoor space. If you are tired of dealing with patchy, uneven, or lackluster grass, our professional sodding services are here to bring your vision to life.

Why choose sodding? Unlike traditional seeding methods, sodding provides immediate results. You don’t have to wait for seeds to germinate and grass to grow; you can enjoy a fully established lawn right away. Our team of skilled professionals will carefully prepare your soil, select the appropriate sod variety for your preferences, and expertly install it, ensuring a seamless and even finish.

With our expertise in landscaping and lawn care, we offer top-quality sodding solutions that will give you a lush and green lawn in no time. Sodding, also known as turf installation, involves laying down pre-grown grass rolls or patches to create an instant, picture-perfect lawn.

Why choose sodding? Unlike traditional seeding methods, sodding provides immediate results. You don’t have to wait for seeds to germinate and grass to grow; you can enjoy a fully established lawn right away. Our team of skilled professionals will carefully prepare your soil, select the appropriate sod variety for your preferences, and expertly install it, ensuring a seamless and even finish.

Our sodding services are tailored to meet your specific needs and desires. Whether you want to replace an existing lawn, enhance certain areas of your landscape, or create a brand-new lawn from scratch, we have you covered. We specialize in working with Cool Season turfgrasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, renowned for their beauty, durability, and adaptability to various climates.

When you choose MPR Landscapes for your sodding project, you can expect exceptional quality and attention to detail. We prioritize proper soil preparation, ensuring optimal growing conditions for your new sod. Our team will handle the entire installation process, from site evaluation and measurement to sod delivery, laying, and final touches.

Maintaining your new sodded lawn is equally important for long-term success, and we provide comprehensive guidance to help you keep it in pristine condition. Our experts will advise you on watering techniques, mowing practices, and fertilization schedules to ensure the health and longevity of your newly sodded lawn.

Don’t settle for a lackluster lawn any longer. Trust the professionals at MPR Landscapes to deliver stunning results with our premium sodding services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you transform your outdoor space into a lush and inviting haven with a beautifully sodded lawn.

Preparing, Seeding & Turf Installation

Boost Property Value: Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Catering to All Your Landscaping Requirements

Seeding and Reseeding Your Lawn

Customized Sod Designs

Benefits of Lawn Sodding

Revitalize Your Yard: Premium Sodding Solutions by MPR Landscapes

Lawn sodding provides immediate environmental advantages, as outlined below:

clean air quality

Cleaner Air Quality

Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Transpiration Cooling

Transpiration Cooling

water conservation

Water Conservation

real estate value

Real Estate Value

Reduced Herbicide Use

Reduced Herbicide Use

Reduced Probability of Failure

Reduced Probability of Failure

Wildlife Pest Control

Wildlife Pest Control

Sports Fields

Sports Fields

Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

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Sod Lawn Installation

Sodding Excellence: Elevate Your Landscape with Our Premium Sod Installation

When it comes to installing a sod lawn, it’s not just about putting in some effort. It’s an investment that requires careful consideration of various factors for success. At our company, we prioritize keeping you informed throughout the process, from start to finish. Once our team of experts arrives at your property, we follow these preparation steps:

Removal and Disposal of Existing Grass/Lawn

We utilize specialized equipment, such as a commercial-grade sod cutter, to efficiently trim or cut and remove the existing grass. This machine features a blade that peels off up to 3 inches of sod, ensuring thorough removal and disposal.

Addition of Topsoil and Leveling

Creating an optimal environment for the new sod is crucial. We add a layer of healthy topsoil, providing a nourishing bed for the grass to root in. It is also important to ensure proper land slope to prevent water puddling after rainfall.

Rolling the Area and Final Leveling

To promote solid contact between the sod and soil, we utilize a sod roller. This heavy drum, filled with water, is rolled across the lawn using a handle. It aids in achieving proper contact and leveling.

Sod Installation

We carefully lay down fresh sod, delivered on the same day as the installation project. After the sod is in place, we roll the area once more to eliminate air pockets beneath the sod strips and firmly press the roots into the soil. This step is crucial to prevent drying of the root system and the formation of dead spots on the surface.

Watering the New Lawn

Watering is vital for the health of your new lawn. We provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to care for your freshly sodded lawn, including a watering schedule to ensure optimal growth and establishment.

Post-Installation Cleanup

We take pride in leaving your property clean and tidy. After the sod installation is complete, we will dispose of all post-installation materials and garbage. Disposal is included in the sodding cost, so you can enjoy your new lawn without any additional hassle.

Guidance on New Sod Care

We provide detailed instructions on how to properly care for your newly sodded lawn. Our experts will explain the necessary steps and offer guidance to ensure your lawn thrives and remains healthy in the long term.

The MPR Landscapes Distinction

Experience the Difference: Professional Sodding Services for Your Dream Lawn

The paramount advantage in opting for MPR Landscapes lies in the realization of your longing for a resplendent, verdant lawn, untethered from the arduous drudgery of recurrent seeding. Our journey commences with an exhaustive assessment of your lawn’s entirety, wherein meticulous measurements are taken. In the event that your lawn exhibits irregular dimensions, we deftly subdivide it into standardized shapes, thereby facilitating the individual measurement of each distinct area. Armed with this precise mathematical evaluation, we ascertain the precise amount of sod requisite for the complete adornment and arrangement of your lawn, sourcing it diligently from our suppliers. Subsequently, the meticulously prepared sod shall be expeditiously laid out to grace your property, culminating in a seamless implementation of your envisioned oasis.

Post-Installation Sod Care

Lush and Green: Our Expert Sodding Services for a Vibrant Lawn

Fresh sod demands a different maintenance approach compared to a regular lawn. Here are some guidelines for taking care of your newly installed sod to ensure a healthy and vibrant lawn, especially for Cool Season turfgrasses like Kentucky Bluegrass:

clean air quality

Minimize Traffic

Erosion Control

Proper Watering

Transpiration Cooling

Watering Schedule

clean air quality

Weed Control

Erosion Control

Mowing Guidelines

Transpiration Cooling

Fertilizing Newly Installed Sod



By following these guidelines, you can ensure the proper care and maintenance of your new sod, resulting in a thick, healthy, and beautiful lawn. Sod installation is an investment, and proper care and maintenance are crucial for long-term success. To ensure your sod becomes fully established and maintains its beauty for years to come, consider utilizing the lawn maintenance services provided by MPR Landscapes. Their expertise will help you maintain a thriving and visually appealing lawn.

Cost Determinants

Factors Influencing Sodding Costs: Understanding the Cost Determinants
Project Area Size

Project Area Size



Soil Quality

Soil Quality

Existing Landscape Obstacles

Existing Landscape Obstacles

Limited Backyard Access

Limited Backyard Access

Pre-Sodding Weed Treatment

Pre-Sodding Weed Treatment

Removal and Disposal of Existing Lawn

Removal and Disposal of Existing Lawn

Sprinkler Irrigation System Installation

Sprinkler Irrigation System Installation

Landscape Lights Installation

Landscape Lights Installation


MPR Landscapes: Your Trusted Choice for Professional and Affordable Lawn Sodding Services in the GTA.

Get Expert Guidance for Your Lawn Sodding Project, Ensuring a Job Done Right.

Selecting the Right Sod Type FAQs

Our Sod Selection

We specialize in installing cool-season Kentucky Bluegrass, which thrives in the Ontario climate and offers exceptional quality and beauty.
Kentucky Bluegrass: Dark green, uniform texture, and tolerant of full sun to partial shade.
Fine Fescue/Kentucky Bluegrass Mix: Versatile and shade and drought tolerant, but with slightly less uniform color or texture.
Turf Type Tall Fescue: Deep-rooted, drought and shade tolerant, and offers good wear tolerance.
Sod for Shady Areas: For shade, consider Fine Fescue/Kentucky Bluegrass (the “Sun/Shade Mix”) or Turf Type Tall Fescue.

Sod for Patching or Blending with Seeded Areas

Fine Fescue/Kentucky Bluegrass, a 50/50 blend of two grasses, is often a suitable choice.

Sod for High Traffic Areas

Kentucky Bluegrass is commonly used on sports fields due to its recuperative qualities and lateral rhizome root system.

Sod for Dog-friendly and Poolside Areas

We recommend Turf Type Tall Fescue for its durability and deep root system, along with Kentucky Bluegrass for its desirable attributes.

Sodding the Better Choice

Sod offers numerous advantages over grass seed. With sod, you experience a swift transformation of your landscape. Unlike seeds that take weeks to grow and are susceptible to damage from wind or rain, sod is easy to manage and more durable. Additionally, you have a wide selection of grass types, allowing you to customize the appearance of your lawn and enhance your home’s curb appeal in no time.

Sod Preparation FAQs

Measuring the Area for Sodding

We can visit your property to determine the square footage of your area. Alternatively, you can walk around the area with your smartphone’s GPS and calculate the total square footage.

Preparing the Area for Sod Installation

To prepare your soil for sod, there are several essential steps to follow, including tilling the soil, adding topsoil, and testing the pH level. Proper preparation of your outdoor space is crucial before sodding. Clear the area of any debris, including organic and non-organic matter, and remove the old grass. Ensure there are no obstacles that may hinder the sod installation process. If you are unable to perform these tasks yourself, rely on the commercial lawn management and maintenance services offered by MPR Landscapes

Sod Size and Coverage

Each piece of sod measures 2 ft x 4.5 ft, covering an area of 9 sq. ft. The weight of one piece of sod is approximately 12 kg. A skid (pallet) of sod contains 80 rolls, providing coverage for 720 sq. ft.

Sod on Top of Existing Grass

For a vibrant and consistent lawn, it’s best to remove existing grass and debris before installing sod. Leaving the old turf underneath can lead to discolored patches and uneven growth. At MPR Landscapes, we ensure a thorough removal of the areas you want to replace, replacing them with fresh and healthy sod, resulting in a stunning and long-lasting lawn.

Sod Installation FAQs

Planning for Sod Installation

It is crucial to lay the sod on the same day it is purchased. Our sod is cut fresh to order and is a living, perishable plant. Ensure that your site is prepared and ready so that the sod can be installed and watered on the day of delivery.

Time Required for Sod Installation

Typically, one person can install a pallet of sod (720 square feet) in approximately 2-2½ hours. However, harder-to-access areas or those requiring extensive cutting may take longer.

Best Time to Install Sod

Sod can be successfully installed throughout the growing season, as long as the ground is not frozen and sufficient watering is available for proper root establishment. Spring and fall, with cooler temperatures and occasional rain, are particularly favorable for quick root establishment. In hot and dry summers, ensure deep and thorough watering in the morning and afternoon.

Frost and Newly Laid Sod

Frost won’t harm newly laid Kentucky Bluegrass sod. While sod cannot be installed on frozen ground, once it’s laid, frost poses no threat. The grass will lay dormant during colder periods and resume rooting as temperatures rise.

Sod Watering FAQs

Watering Rolled Sod on the Pallet

No, it is not advisable to water the sod while it is still rolled up on the pallet. Sod contains a significant amount of nitrogen, and if left rolled up, it can heat up and start to ferment.
This is especially true in hot weather. Instead, if you cannot install all of your sod within 24 hours, consider the following tips to prolong its shelf life:
Unroll the sod in another location and water it.
If step #1 is not feasible, place the pallet(s) in the shade.
Remove the top half of the rolls from the pallet to allow better oxygen circulation to the bottom layers.

Watering New Sod after Installation

Immediately after laying the sod, begin watering it within 30 minutes. Apply at least 1 inch of water to ensure the soil beneath the turf is thoroughly wet. Ideally, the soil should be moist to a depth of 3-4 inches below the surface.

Watering New Sod at Night

Avoid watering new sod in the late evening or at night to prevent excess moisture that can promote disease and fungus. Morning and late afternoon are the recommended watering times.

Frequency to Water New Sod

Watering is essential for the successful establishment of new sod. Regular and consistent watering is crucial for the roots to establish a firm hold in the soil. Depending on weather conditions, we recommend watering for five to ten minutes, two to three times a day. Keep a close eye on your lawn, particularly for dry patches or areas where the sod isn’t settling properly. Watering in the morning or late afternoon is optimal to ensure proper absorption and avoid issues such as disease or fungus growth.

Post-Installation Sod Care FAQs


Water is crucial for successful sod establishment. It’s nearly impossible to over-water new sod. Water it twice a day for the first two weeks to ensure sufficient hydration.

No Walking on Freshly Laid Sod

Minimize pet and foot traffic on new sod until it has fully rooted. Sod typically takes about 3-4 weeks to fully root, establishing a strong connection with the underlying soil. Check for rooting by gently pulling a corner of the sod. If you feel resistance and difficulty lifting it, the roots have taken hold.

Disappearance of Sod Lines

When sod is installed correctly, there won’t be gaps or overlaps, but visible seams may be present. These seams become less noticeable as the sod takes hold and starts growing. Proper watering is essential, as dry sod can shrink and expose the lines. Usually, sod lines disappear after the first grass cutting, approximately three weeks after installation.

Yellowing Sod Seams

Sod seams are prone to drying out faster than other areas. To address this, keep the sod seams consistently moist for a while. Give them extra water, and they will recover and regain their healthy appearance.

Mushrooms in New Sod

The presence of mushrooms in your new sod is a natural occurrence, especially due to the increased watering. These mushrooms are not harmful and will typically dry up and disappear as watering becomes less frequent.

Fertilization Timing for New Sod

Sod farms apply fertilizer before harvesting the sod. This means that the sod you receive is already fertilized. It is advisable to wait at least 4 weeks after installation, once the root system is established, before fertilizing the new sod. If the sod was installed during the winter or dormant period, it is best to wait until spring green-up before applying fertilizer. Prior to fertilizing, ensure that the sod has been thoroughly watered the day before. This allows the soil to absorb the nutrients effectively, promoting healthy growth.

Mowing Newly Installed Sod

You can start mowing the sod as soon as it needs it, but make sure to set the mower blade at its highest setting for the first few mowings. As a general rule, avoid cutting more than one-third of the blade length to prevent shocking the plant.

Mowing Recommendations for New Sod

To promote healthy growth and prevent fungus, maintain sharp mower blades for a clean cut. It’s best to mow the grass when it is dry. Aim to mow regularly, keeping the grass at a good height of around 2 ½ – 3 inches. Avoid mowing too short, as it adds stress to the plant and requires extra care.

Clippings and Thatch

Clippings, when not excessive, decompose quickly and return valuable nutrients to the soil. They do not contribute to thatch buildup, which is caused by grass stems, shoots, and roots.

Dealing with Dog Spots

Discolored spots on the lawn are often caused by urine, which contains salts and ammonia. Immediately sprinkle the affected area with water to dilute the salts or set your sprinkler timer to come on after your dog goes out. This will help minimize damage. In winter, with rain and cooler temperatures, grass burning is less likely.

Managing Weeds with Sodding

While sodding reduces weed growth, it doesn’t eliminate them entirely. Weeds can regrow since their root systems can extend several feet, whereas the sod cutter only removes 2 inches of the existing lawn. To ensure a weed-free lawn, proper care is essential after sodding. If you have significant weed issues, we recommend a pre-sodding weed treatment. Our non-toxic and environmentally safe options can effectively address the problem. Contact us for more details.

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