As spring arrives, MPR Landscapes is your ideal solution to clean and prime your property.

Our Spring Clean-up services to ready lawns and gardens include:

🍃 Collection and bagging of debris

🍃 Over-seeding of the grass

🍃 Soil and mulch supply and application

🍃 Pruning trees, shrubs, and hedges

🍃 Mowing the grass

🍃 Reviving and planting flowerbeds, gardens, and plants

🍃 Restoring and sodding patches from winter burn

Here are some commonly asked questions about Spring Clean-up services

Q. How much does a spring clean-up cost?

A. Though it is not very expensive, the actual cost of a spring clean-up is based on several variables like the size of the property, extent of work to be done, and time and labor the job requires. You can contact us to obtain a written estimate.

Q. What height will you cut my lawn to?

A. This is ascertained by our experts based on several factors including the time of the year. When the weather is hot, the grass has to be cut higher to endure the heat. When the temperatures are cooler, we cut it a little shorter each week.

Q. What can I do with the waste produced by my yard clean-up?

A. Our team will collect the debris from your property and bag it properly. You can use it as manure for your garden.


MPR Landscapes ensures that your property receives the care it needs before the onslaught of cold weather.

Our Fall Clean-Up services include:

🍂 Removing leaves

🍂 Ejection of annuals

🍂 Winterization of flower and plant beds

🍂 Grass cutting

🍂 Gunny wrapping of shrubs and bushes

🍂 Bagging of debris

Need Landscape Maintenance?

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