Sodding Simplified A Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Lush Landscape

Sodding Simplified: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Lush Landscape


Sodding is a process that has been getting quite a bit of momentum in landscaping recently and for all the right reasons! Because if you are looking for fast-track ideas to get a gorgeous landscape, then you have come to the right place!

MPR Landscapes has got all the answers you have been searching for! In this blog, we will delve into the concept of sodding, list its top 7 benefits and explore the whole process for your understanding.


If you are unfamiliar with the term, you must be pondering the question, ‘What exactly is sodding?’ To put it simply, sodding is a technique in landscaping that involves installing pre-grown grass on specially prepared soil. 

This carpet-like grass roll comes with 2 inches of intact soil so that underlying roots are not detached. You can say that sod is the topmost soil layer shaped into rolls with grass growing on them.  

More importantly, sodding is a natural process and does not require any artificial processes or chemicals. It is a great way to get a lush and beautiful lawn swiftly.


Many people tend to interchange the term sodding with seeding. While both methods are used to renovate landscapes, seeding and sodding are, in fact, quite different.

Sodding includes placing rolls of sod carefully onto prepared soil. After seamlessly integrating the roll into the soil, you water the area and take extra care to ensure the roots are properly merged with the underlying soil.   

Seeding, a conventional approach, is quite the opposite. As the name suggests, the process includes laying down grass seeds into prepared soil. You water these seeds and nourish them to make sure they germinate into the grass. You can spread the seeds onto thin areas of your lawn to make them lush.

sodding vs seeding

There are some other differences as well! Sodding delivers immediate results as you quickly get a green lawn after installation. Seeding, on the other hand, takes some time as the seeds have to sprout, and the grass has to become fully grown to fill up the areas. It can take up to several weeks before the grass is fully established. 

Sodding is more expensive as compared to seeding due to the transportation and purchase of heavy sod. In the latter, you only have to buy the seeds and grow them yourselves. 

Both processes require immediate care at the initial stages to ensure optimal results. Remember that several factors will govern your choice of sodding or seeding. These factors include soil type, specific demands, time, and budget.


Apart from swiftly providing a seamless expanse of greenery, sodding offers a myriad of benefits for your landscape. Let us look at the top 7 advantages to convince you to call professionals for sodding services!


Who Doesn’t Love Quick Results?

Sodding, as compared to traditional methods, provides instant results. You do not have to wait to plant seeds or for their germination and growth. You get a fully prepared lush lawn immediately. 

The conventional seeding option takes weeks or months to become a fully established landscape. In contrast, the grass in sodding is grown beforehand, packed with the roots and underlying soil. It is just relocated to a new place, onto a new soil. After proper installation by professionals, you can enjoy the rapid results of greenery. 

This instant transformation of landscapes renders sodding an attractive choice for people who immediately want to use their spaces for recreation or aesthetics.      

So, are you also ready to metamorphose your uneven and patchy lawn into a remarkable oasis you have always dreamed about? Call professionals like MPR Landscapes for professional sodding services and much more! 

Appeal, Aesthetics, and Application!

Sodding is an amalgamation of aesthetics and application! It gives a visually appealing look to your space instantly and fulfills many functional aspects as well. It is a treat not just for the eyes, as the benefits do not end here! Sodding is a perfect way to provide your kids with soft padding of grass to play outside on. Sod can also transform your space for recreational purposes so that you can have that tea soiree that has been on hold for a long time!

Sod offers various health benefits as well. It absorbs harmful air pollutants and controls noise pollution. You can rely on sod grass to significantly control pollen particles as they prevent the onset of weed growth in your area. 

Additionally, a well-maintained and mowed lawn can also potentially protect you from sneaky rats, rodents, mosquitoes, and snakes!   

Prevents Soil Erosion

Did you know that sodding is an effective method to overcome soil erosion? Yes, you heard it right!

Sod can efficiently give protection by covering the layer of soil and stabilizing drainage ways that are prone to flow. The dense cover of sod protects as its roots bind the soil underneath firmly.   

Steep slopes or hills can have sod installation to instantly prevent soil erosion, as these areas are more vulnerable due to heavy rainfall and topography design.

For best results, make sure to install sod when the temperature is moderate. Avoid extreme cold or hot weather or months with excessive rainfall chances. These factors could hinder the overall process.

Significantly Reduce Weeds

Interestingly, sodding also plays a significant role when it comes to weed reduction in your landscape. It minimizes the onset of weed growth by giving instant coverage. Since the place will be covered by sod, weed seeds will be unable to sprout. 

Similarly, the layer of sod acts like a protective barrier against weed seeds and stops them from germinating. The seedlings are restricted from reaching the soil and taking essential nutrients. 

The heavy sod requires regular maintenance and care. This includes mowing and providing enough nutrients for grass health. As a result, your landscape and plants become sturdier and more resilient in the face of invasive weeds.

It also discourages weed growth by giving hectic competition to the unwanted seeds. The new sod creates a competitive environment for nutrients and space, thus reducing weed growth significantly.   

Decreases Heat: All the Science

Did you know that a grass lawn stays much cooler than hard surfaces in the summer heat? And by much, we mean 30 degrees! Asphalt, concrete, or rocks tend to become warmer in the sun as these materials absorb and retain more heat as compared to grass. They also reflect high heat into the environment.

Scientifically speaking, sodding offers a lot of benefits here. Grass, for instance, absorbs greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and releases oxygen through photosynthesis. Therefore, it provides fresh and cool air in the area. 

Moreover, the dense sod layer acts as insulation to prevent temperature fluctuations. In this way, less heat is transferred to the environment and into the soil. The heavy layer also provides shade to the soil beneath and protects it from direct sunlight.     

Another way sodding benefits lawns is through the process of transpiration. This process entails the elimination of excess water from plants. The water moves from roots and travels upwards to leave as water vapor via stomata.  

Interestingly, grass lawns can lower up to 10 to 15 degrees of temperature in an area! The new grass you have after sodding will cool the environment considerably as compared to the surrounding hardscaping features like pavements. Moreover, this grass can also be a fun place for your children to play and walk on!

However, keep in mind that several factors affect the statistics that we have presented. These can include the type of grass, rain frequency, and local climate.

Adds Value to Your Home

Want to add extra value to your home and property? Go for instant results and choose to sod. A well-maintained landscape enhances the appeal of your space. It can increase your home’s value by 10% to 15%! So give your property that extra rate boost and call MPR Landscapes now for sodding services!

Requires Less Maintenance

Perhaps one of the major benefits of sodding is its tendency to be low maintenance! Following the installation of sod, you have to take care of the lawn with regular watering. However, after the initial stages, there will be less frequent watering endeavors – a treat for water conservation and less wastage! 


Now that you are aware of the major advantages of sodding let us look at the entire process in a simplified manner for your understanding.  

Prepare Soil Thoroughly

The first step entails preparing your soil thoroughly for the new sod. Meticulously clear the whole area and remove debris, mulch, rocks, or weeds. Level the area if it is uneven for proper installation. You can try grading in the space for the best results. 

Pick Out the Sod

Contact professional landscapers or local nurseries for expert advice on the matter. You will find many different types of sod in the market. Keep in mind important factors like climate, soil type, and sun exposure when buying sod. The various varieties also come in different sizes and shapes, such as rolls or sections. 

Lay It Down

Carefully place the sod onto the soil and ensure it looks like an expanse of green carpet. The rolls should be placed neatly on the ground without any parts jutting out.

Initial Maintenance

Initial maintenance posits regular irrigation after sod installation. The ample watering nicely settles down the soil, allowing the roots of sod to merge with it.

During the initial weeks, follow a proper watering schedule but avoid immediate mowing or use of any other harsh machine onto the grass. Otherwise, there is a high chance of the roots being uprooted.

Water the grass at least two times a day or more if you see sod drying out. However, make sure the area does not turn soggy or spongy, as overwatering can also be quite dangerous.  

After the sod has properly settled down, you can move on to mowing, fertilizing, and regular watering to retain its health.


Sodding is a bit complicated, so you should contact expert landscapers for professional advice and installation. Professionals like MPR Landscapes offer sodding services that are tailored to your specific demands.

Our experts are proficient at evaluating your soil type, choosing the sod that would best suit the overall context and local climate, and then preparing the land for sodding.

With the right expertise and tools, our staff skillfully installs the new sod, giving keen attention to minute finishing details for a seamless end. Moreover, our team will be in charge of the entire process of site evaluation, sod delivery, installation, and ending.  

Our specialty lies in cool-season turf grasses like Kentucky bluegrass. This type is famous for its rich color, durability, and ability to recover from damage quickly. Call us today to get expert advice on how to maintain sod after the installation process. We will thoroughly guide you regarding the care schedules and watering techniques so your sod remains healthy and lush!    

Looking for ways to revitalize your dull landscape into an extraordinary space for recreation and aesthetics? Look no further! Contact MPR Landscapes today to schedule an appointment because we prioritize your demands!

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To conclude it all, sodding refers to the process of installing pre-grown grass on a new landscape. The sod usually comes in the shape of rolls. They have 2 inches of intact soil and roots with them so that the grass is easily merged into freshly prepared soil. 

As compared to conventional seeding, sodding delivers faster results. Seed can take a lot of time to germinate and then become mature grass. The traditional approach is hectic and time-consuming, whereas sodding gives you a lush lawn instantly.     It prevents soil erosion, significantly reduces weed growth in the area, decreases high temperatures in the surroundings, and increases the value of your property. Furthermore, sodding is quite low maintenance, so you would not have to spend hours on its nourishment and care. It is an environmentally friendly option, and that is why we endorse it! Contact us today for further information on our premium sodding services!

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