Top 9 Creative Ideas To Transform Your Garden Into An Interesting Outdoor Space

Top 9 Creative Ideas To Transform Your Garden Into An Interesting Outdoor Space


Are you tired of looking at your dull and bland garden? Are you looking for ways to make your space more attractive? If the answer is ‘yes’, rejoice! This is precisely the place you need to be! Transforming the garden into a remarkable outdoor space can be fun and exciting. You will soon learn how little changes can make significant differences. From planting flower beds and using different lighting to creating fun pathways with gravel – we have you covered! MPR Landscapes will provide you top 9 creative ideas, whereby your garden will become your favorite home spot!


Here are our top nine ideas to help you transform your outdoor space.

Add Water Features 

There are a lot of water features that you can add to your outdoor space to make it enjoyable. Integrating water with natural surroundings, soil, and hardscaping elements helps create an artistic overview of the place. There are a lot of different water features to choose from. You can go for ponds, streams, waterfalls, fountains, or birdbaths. The choices are endless. Small ponds appear ethereal in your garden. You can decorate them with varying sizes of stones and plants to imitate nature. Flowers like lotus or lilies enhance the beauty of ponds. You can also have fish or frogs in them. 

Add Water Features

What better way to incorporate a water feature in your garden than to have a waterfall? Waterfalls truly captivate you with their ultimate beauty and tranquility. The soothing sounds of water hitting the stones and flowing in the little pond offer an experience of calm. Fountains are not bounded by time or place. They have been the indicators of the glory of the past ages and the promise of new modern times. They add a certain sense of elegance to your place. You can have a classical Renaissance fountain or a modern minimalist one – no one can judge you!

Some other interesting choices include streams, rain chains, water bridges, and water sculptures. Sculptures can act as focal points of your space, whereas water bridges can make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. 

DIY Your Way In!

DIY or ‘Do It Yourself’ is becoming popular nowadays, especially among youngsters. DIY activity stresses making and decorating everything yourself rather than employing a professional to get the job done. It is a pleasurable pursuit that allows you to craft many things. Through DIY, you can master the art of creating unique garden decorations. For instance, you can reuse old plastic or glass bottles and turn them into planters. This way, you also eliminate the threat of non-biodegradable materials like plastic waste.  

Cut one side of the bottle and hang it with a strong string. Add a little soil and compost, so your plant stays healthy and thriving. You can also turn the bottles into wind chimes. Use plastic bottles to make small petals out of the body. Then cut the bottle head and attach the petals to the head with strings. Add little bells inside the petals to make pleasant sounds with every wave. You can attach the bottle to a door with a strong thread or string. Make sure to paint the bottle head and petals colorful and attractive. These DIY projects make your garden more visually appealing. 

Lighting Is Important

Lighting is one of the significant factors in the transformation of your outdoor space. It helps to set the different moods in the area. Nowadays, different types of lights are available in the market. Remember that these lights deliver various desired effects. You can choose from LED, flood, spike, and string lights.

Floodlights usually come in rectangular shapes. They serve aesthetic and functional purposes. Floodlights can cast light over a large area, mainly near boundary walls, for safety purposes. They are also used to light up pathways at night. Moreover, you can also set them up on the ground with an upward angle, making trees and other garden features become prominent. Spike lights are comparatively easy to install. They are safe and cheap. Furthermore, spike lights decorate your space well if you install them beneath big bushes. String lights are becoming quite popular in new garden designs. They are used for décor in outdoor parties or BBQ bashes in backyards. String lights are famous as they give a very festive feel to an event.

The bulbs attached to them come in all shapes and sizes. The varying sizes and lighting effects cater to your demands. They have a myriad of colors to explore. Another convenience of string lights is that they are usually battery-operated. For aesthetics, hang them on walls, across the yard, or around tree branches. You can also find lanterns that amplify the peaceful ambiance of your space at night. They can help create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests by giving some ‘Tangled’ vibes. LED lights are very efficient and offer a vibrant glow in your space. You can arrange them on the wall, along the pathways, and inside the pool boundaries.

Another great option is a stake light. This type illuminates your area well. Mostly, stake lights come in the form of globes and rectangles with thick stands. They are also solar-powered lights, so you do not have to worry about electricity wastage. Smart lighting is getting popular with time, and rightfully so. That means you can control lights using smart devices, no matter where you are. The smart lights also have sensors to detect the time of the day. All in all, lighting adds a brilliant decorative touch to your garden.

Flower Beds Are Fascinating

Flower beds are one of the easiest methods out there to make your place exciting and amplify the aesthetics. Choose a suitable location in your garden where you want to plant flowers. Make sure it has access to sunlight, the correct contours, and a proper drainage system. Remove any debris or rocks you find at the location. Plan the size of the flowerbed and the kinds of flowers you want to plant beforehand. Depending on their size or colors, you can arrange the plants as you like.

Flower Beds Are Fascinating - garden

Flowerbeds give you room for a lot of creativity and experimentation. Have fun while you are at it. Include compost, mulch, or fertilizer in it, and water plants properly to ensure they grow healthy and sturdy. Flowerbeds give a burst of hues and energy when you look at them. They are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create interesting outdoor spaces using colors. Expert landscapers like MPR Landscapes can help you create lovely flowerbeds. You can get expert opinions on the soil type and the kinds of flowers you should plant that can adapt to the local factors.   

Invite Wildlife To Your Space

Creating a wildlife haven is another approach whereby you make your garden more fascinating. To do so, you can add nesting boxes and insects friendly plants and give adequate food sources to species. Insects like bees, birds, and butterflies help pollinate your garden. They also help in a balanced ecosystem. Birdbaths are great for inviting birds into your garden. Installing them outside allows you to see different bird species drinking and bathing. Birds can bring your dull space back to life with their constant chirping. You may even become a morning person owing to their delightful sounds! Listening to birds chirping and bees buzzing can be a brilliant way to lower stress and fatigue. Bees also help make honey so you can have your own organic honey supply. Install birdhouses for them on tree branches. DIY crafting can also aid in making bird boxes. You can use tin cans or cardboard boxes to complete the job. Paint them so they stand out in the garden!

Craft Cozy Outdoors

Outdoors is a place where we often sit together and have family gatherings. It is time to start focusing on creating cozy outdoor spaces. To do that, you can buy rugs that come in varying patterns and sizes. You can have cushions, lanterns, or even outdoor furniture. The carpet gives a neat feeling to your place. It provides fixed parameters for you to set furniture. Now that you are thinking of making cozy outdoor spaces, having a cinema is the next step so that you can have lots of movie nights and family events. Sit on the rug, place some cushions and candles around, and have a big blanket. Also, remember to bring popcorn on movie night! You can use a large white sheet to serve as background for the movie. This idea is also budget-friendly, as any small projector would work for your movie night.

Focus on Seating Arrangements

Do you also dream of sitting in your garden in the early mornings to watch the sun come up and the day unfold? Or spend the cool evenings in the backyard reading a good book and contemplating life? If yes, you’ll have to focus on the seating arrangements of your outdoor space. Find a location with excellent views and a nice tree to provide shade. Place a wooden bench or a comfy outdoor armchair. Opt for lightweight furniture pieces that are easy to remove in case a storm or rain comes up. After all, leaving your furniture in the rain overnight can damage it immensely. You can also add sofas, chairs, or wooden tables. Tables of different sizes and shapes can be used. For example, you can use a small one for evening snacks or placing books. Large tables can be used at family gatherings or parties.  

Gallery Wall in The Space

Gallery walls are an innovation that we dearly love in garden designs. They include a display of mirrors, frames, or planters on one wall of your outdoor space, much like when you hang pictures indoors. You can hang up wooden frames and add plants in between. Or use an old ladder to put it against the wall. You can place small pots on it too. Add a shelf along the wall and fill it with small sculptures alongside planters to make a statement; that is, upcycle the shelf and outdated furniture to serve as planters. You can also use hanging baskets here. Fill them with vibrant flowers, such as sunflowers, daffodils, lilies, or daisies. Use the gallery wall as a backdrop to your sitting space and furniture so that your overall place looks appealing and candid pictures come out nicely. You can throw in some photos of your family members or pets on the wall to personalize it.

Gallery Wall in The Space


Gravel or stone pathways are beautiful and functional. They add visual interest and a sense of style to your space. Pathways guide visitors and lead people where you want them to be. You can design courses to showcase your garden’s focal and significant points. They lead people to see captivating views and urge them to explore the area independently. Pathways can separate some features from others in your lawn. They bring about order and organization. You can also decorate them by planting flowers near them or putting big stones on the sides. Overall, pathways are good choices for fulfilling aesthetic and practical functions.


In conclusion, there are many ways to make your outdoor spaces remarkable and exciting. You can add certain water features, do DIY projects, add good lighting, plant flowerbeds, invite different species, craft cozy outdoor spaces, make gallery walls, and create pathways to transform outdoor spaces. Professionals like MPR Landscapes can help you in creating these interesting outdoor spaces. We help with your landscape upkeep, regular maintenance, and transformation. Our expert and skilled workers can take care of your landscape’s lighting, stonework, and complex design. We excel at making flowerbeds and installing hardscaping features to enhance the overall appeal of your space. Contact us today for more information about our services and charges. We will be glad to hear from you!

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