Like all living beings, plants can fall ill, contract diseases, and die prematurely. When plants are sick or not performing as normal, it is visible to be noticed. Some of the signs that may indicate a tree disease or pest attacks with your plants are:

❌ Greensick/yellow leaves

❌ Tiny yellow spots that turn bright orange

❌ Leaf or needle shriveling

❌ Browning of leaves or needles

❌ Leaves containing black dots

❌ Symptoms of a dying tree like branch or twig dieback

❌ Any detectable pests on the plant


If you see that happening on your property, you need to call a plant health professional to correctly identify the issue and administer a cure to restore the plant to health. In such a case, you can rely on MPR Landscapes to provide your plants with healthcare to fend off plant diseases and pests as well as tree diseases.

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