Mulch is an indispensable element to cultivate a healthy and lively yard over the long-term. It is an organic material that is scattered around the plants as a way of protecting the soil. The cover retains moisture and nutrients in the ground through insulation. Normally you should spread on an inch or two of fine mulch around your plants as more than two inches of it may stifle the plants. However, if the mulch you use is bristly, such as shredded bark, then three or four inches may be appropriate.

Why do it yourself when you can call on us? MPR Landscapes will clean out the beds of debris, then administer fresh and new red, brown, or black mulch.


Benefits of Mulching:

✅ Mulch has insulating characteristics

✅ It reduces soil compaction that can inhibit the plant’s growth and access to essential food and sunshine.

✅ Mulch cover offers protection from errant footsteps compressing the soil around the plants.

✅ Mulch also shields plants from lawn mower damage and is particularly helpful for sunken plants.

✅ Mulch can preserve heat through cushioning during the frosty winter months.

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