Beautiful lawns sprout from great seeds. When sections of your turf look bare, patchy, or out of character with an otherwise healthy lawn; they likely require overseeding.

MPR Landscapes will seed your lawn to grow lush, strong, and consistent. Our team will advise the right type of turfgrass to fit with your current lawn. Seeding a lawn demands hard work to work the seed into the soil to give it the best chance to germinate. We use tools to embed the seed into the soil for it to germinate better. We also employ a starter fertilizer augmented with the correct nutrient ratio and specific plant-based hormones to boost formation and growth.

To finish, we will provide you with useful instructions on how to water and care for your newly seeded lawn to get the best result.


Benefits of Overseeding:

✅ Overseeding maintains a thick and healthy turf, which is your first defense against weeds. Almost every lawn in our climate has an area that needs some reseeding every year.

✅ Cool weather grass does not spread out across the lawn. When a part of it gets damaged for some reason, it will not spread out and fill in those affected areas. The only way to thicken up the lawn is to reseed it.

✅ Seeding your lawn protects the environment as bare spots allow for soil erosion. Soil erosion is the top source of nutrient pollution in our lakes, streams, waterways, and oceans. You can play a role to thwart soil erosion by having a lush healthy lawn by seeding it.

Dormant Seeding

Another option is Dormant Seeding. It requires you to seed your lawn over winter. Just pepper the areas that need thickening up over the winter with seeds. The freezing and thawing of the soil will help foster seed-to-soil contact and let the seed to easily absorb water. Once the soil warms up in the spring, the seed will germinate and grow. However, dormant seeding is a wager that depends on late winter and spring moisture to be successful. If we do not get enough snow or spring rains, dormant seeding will not germinate properly. But this is a good enough wager in the climate of the GTA.

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