Lawn aeration is the process of making holes in the soil to enhance the sustainability of grassroots. Grassroots require a balanced consumption of air, water, and essential nutrients. Getting this livelihood can be tough when the soil becomes compressed as it thwarts natural carriage and flow.Aeration functions to lessen this thickness and bring back air, water, and essential nutrients into the ground.

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Benefits of Lawn Aeration:

✅ The openings made by aeration offer space for the roots to grow and absorb nutrients buried deeper in the ground.

✅ Lawn aeration can also improve drainage.

✅ Lawn aeration increases oxygenation and encourages the existence of worms.

✅ The incisions make it easier for natural rainwater and irrigation to feed the lawn.

✅ Aeration minimizes lawn compaction.

✅ Aeration regulates lawn thatching.

✅ Aeration brings you the visual joy and environmental benefits of a healthier lawn.

Signs that Your Lawn is Clamoring for Aeration:

❌ Soil compaction

❌ Water accumulates on the lawn after a rainfall

❌ Poor water retention

❌ The grass is scruffy or discolored

Signs that Your Lawn is Clamoring for Aeration

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